We lost all of our posts between today and April of 2013, which was about 2 posts. So I guess not that many. Still pretty aggravating.




I’m considering a rewrite of the way we do map generation.

We need to take into account the MUD gaming model, and the fact that we should be moving away from a client dependency to reach as wide of an audience as possible.

The following would be an example of laying a section of pipe leading from north to south to connect a few existing sections of pipes and a pump taking water from a nearby river.

# lay pipe left ns
You lay a section of pipe pointing from north to south
# map

You could also view a local map, which would be a “zoomed-in” view of the “map” command In this example we see a local map with three humans, the logged-in player, a few items and three goblins coming in for an attack.

# lmap
|            * |
| H H H      * |
|        @     |
|              |
| g   g g    p |

Or a similar map zoomed-in on the pipes we saw above

# lmap
|      ||      |
|      ||      |
|  H   ||      |
|   H  ||      |
|      ||@     |

(Apologies for the poor formatting)

Just a few of my thoughts, I’ll get back to committing code tonight.



Back Online

Howdy Everyone,

I recently had some issues with our hosting due to a falsified complaint being filed against us, but we’re back online now and everything should be working again.

Please let me know if you experience any issues with the RSS feeds, Forums, etc.