Any Colour You Like – First Official Binary Alpha Release (Linux and OSX) 0.0.0m

At long last, as promised, I have decided to package up and release binaries of the latest stable build for wider Alpha testing. Welcome to “The ASCII Project – 0.0.0m – Any Colour You Like“.

Due to undetermined issues with libtcod and wchar_t*s on Windows, we are delaying the release of a Windows executable and are reaching out to our followers for any C++ libtcod developers who may be able to provide input on the issues we’re seeing in testing. As for now however, we can confirm that the clients are connecting on all platforms and are working as intended otherwise.

What you see in the screenshot below is a player connected from OSX, another player on the map connected using Windows (unreleased) and the server running on Linux:

The ability to move up and down between Z-levels is still not implemented, so there are only about 100 explorable maps (360 thousand tiles) accessible to the player right now. Otherwise the engine is in fact generating 3.6 million tiles (1000 maps), on separate layers.

The client is configured to connect to our up-to-date public testing server at, however we ask that you please spread your building creations away from the spawn map, as it may in fact cause connecting players to experience glitches if they spawn on a wall object.

Unfortunately the command documentation hasn’t been written up yet, so if you intend on testing the release we ask that you please drop by our IRC for a rundown of the controls, features, limitations, and future development plans.

Downloads are available on our download page, however we please ask that you remember that this is an alpha release and it is far from bug-free or perfect by any means. If you come across any issues, we ask that you provide the relevant logs (stack traces, OSX error output, etc.) to us, so that we can work to get those issues resolved for you and everyone else.

It was unbelievably exciting to have two of us on the map building structures together, and it was easy to see the possibilities ahead of us :-)

Happy Alpha Testing!,